Television/Streaming: Coax Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This article applies primarily to the Residence Life coaxial-based television network. While this article does apply to administrative and academic spaces, we recommend those people contact DoTS directly for assistance.

Looking for information regarding the Apogee Stream2 TV over wi-fi service? See Television/Streaming: IPTV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.

Getting Help

You can chat, email or call Apogee 24x7 support at

You can call direct: 855-465-6710


How do I get an Internet connection on my Smart TV or streaming device?

If you have a Smart TV or streaming device (such as Amazon Firestick, AppleTV, Roku, PlayStation, XBox, etc.), you can reference Residence Hall Students - Connecting Your Devices to the Wireless Network. After connecting to the wireless network, you can connect some of those devices to the Apogee Sream2 service, your live TV and network video record. See Television/Streaming: IPTV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information.


Do I need a cable box to receive campus TV?

No, if your TV has ClearQAM capabilities to receive the signal. See our provider's list of currently known issues of TVs on the market.

Our university’s television system uses the "ClearQAM" digital protocol so that you do not need to purchase or rent a set top box. However, your TV must have a tuner that can decode the ClearQAM signals. "Digital TV" is a marketing term and generically describes a variety of ways in which digital TV can be delivered to you. ATSC, IRC, HRC or NTSC are not the same as QAM or ClearQAM.


How do I know if my TV can support ClearQAM?

If your television was manufactured after 2006, there is a good chance that it can receive the QAM signal.

The easiest way to tell if your TV will work is to refer to the technical documentation which came with your television. You may also try a search engine such as Google to search for your TV's make and model and check for QAM compatibility. You may also contact the DoTS Service Center for assistance.

OTE: If you look up the model and brand of your TV and see that under the specifications it is not clear QAM compatible, we recommend you return the TV to get a different one that is QAM capable. There are boxes that you can purchase to hook up to your TV to make it QAM capable, but those boxes cost just as much or more than purchasing a QAM-capable TV.


Does Technology Services sell TV cables?

Yes. DoTS sells 25 foot, high quality coaxial cables for $5 per cable. They are available for purchase at the Carding Office in 160 Davee Library. The hours for the Carding Office can be found here: Division of Technology Hours.  

Do you NEED to buy a cable from DoTS? No, but you might want to replace the cable that comes with the TV as that is usually is the source of many issues related to TV service.


What does it mean to "scan" my TV?

Also known as "auto search" or "auto scan" or "channel search", scanning is the command or menu option issued to the TV that instructs the television's tuner to detect and lock onto any channel located on the cable system. This must be done the first time you set up your TV on campus and periodically after that as channels are added or removed. If you lose channel reception, especially one or two, you can try a scan to restore the missing channels. The scan or "auto scan" command is located on your TV’s internal menu usually under "Setup". Refer to your TV documentation. Also refer to the related articles section on this page for a listing of current channels.


Why am I only getting a few channels after the scan?

  • Try running the scan at least 3 times. We have noticed some TVs pick up more channels each time you scan.
  • This could be the result of the tuner set to receive OTA (Over The Air) channels. This is especially true if the TV is new and has never been set up. Be sure your TV is set to "cable" or "digital cable" by locating the tuner settings in the TV’s internal menu. Check your TV documentation for the proper procedure.
  • This may also be a limitation in the digital tuner of your television and that it is not able to receive the QAM or ClearQAM format. 
  • If you are having issues, please feel free to contact the DoTS Service Center for assistance.


Why are my channels not lining up with the published guide?

The software in each brand or model television can interpret the channel guide information from the system differently. The channel guide in the related articles section on this page are the published channels as they are set by our television system provider in the system. Due to variations in television manufacturer’s standards, software, and a variety of other reasons, some television models may not map the channel order exactly as shown on the guide. Unfortunately, there is no fix for this discrepancy. Your television does have a QAM or ClearQAM tuner.  It may be helpful to create your own guide that more accurately reflects what your TV shows as a channel lineup.


What if I tried everything and still can’t get TV channels?

You may need to purchase a different television that does receive ClearQAM. Your TV may not be capable of decoding ClearQAM signals. Television providers like Comcast, DirecTV and Dish set top boxes that provide copyright control and decryption at subsidized leased cost in the package. We have opted to provide a television signal that doesn't require additional equipment by providing you service through the QAM digital system at no additional cost to you. Our television provider does list recommended boxes on their FAQ.


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