Canvas (Instructors): Online Rooms - Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in Canvas


This document describes how to launch a web conference using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in Canvas.

Consider using Collaborate Ultra to host online office hours.

Note: If you expect more than 250 simultaneous attendees in a single session, consider recording a video with Kaltura Capture instead. If live web conference for more than 250 concurrent users is really the only way to go, fill out a Collaborate Ultra Large Event request at least 72 business hours in advance to let Blackboard know that your event is coming.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra integrates with the Canvas Learning Management System. You can create web conferences that are accessible to anyone enrolled in your course using this integration. Any recordings you make using Blackboard Ultra will also be available to those enrolled in the class.

Ultra integrates with the students enrolled in your course in Canvas, so students who join Ultra from your course will be automatically signed in as themselves. (Those who sign in via a guest link instead of through Canvas will be prompted to enter a name.)


As an instructor, you can access the Ultra admin interface, by selecting Collaborate Ultra in the course navigation bar. The first time you use the tool you need to activate it in the course navigation.

  1. Select Settings
  2. Choose the Navigation tab at the top
  3. Scroll down to the Collaborate Ultra tool
  4. Select the options icon (3 dots) and choose Enable or drag and drop to the enabled navigation tools
  5. Choose Save
  6. The Collaborate Ultra tool is now active in your course

The first time you use Online Rooms, you may be prompted to install or update Adobe Flash Player. Contact DoTS if you need to do so. If you have Flash installed but need to enable it on your browser, follow the instructions from the Adobe site.

Online Rooms Course Screen

Create a Session

Select Session Settings if you want to change the default role of people entering the session:

  • Moderators have full control.
  • Presenters can share content.
  • Participants only have the controls given by the moderator. By default, this is viewing and sharing audio or video only.

Session Entry


  • Select the upper left menu to open and select the Start Recording option.
  • Select Start Recording before you begin sharing files, whiteboards or other tools.
  • Select the upper left menu to open and select the Stop Recording option.
  • The recording will be processed; the longer the session, the longer it will take to process.
  • The recording will be available from the Sessions list via the upper left menu.
  • Select Recordings to view recorded sessions.

Share Application/Screen

  1. Select Share Application/Screen
  2. Select the application window you want to share

  1. Select Share
  2. The application window now shows what are shating


Chat is a recommended feature in Collaborate Ultra, especially if you have a group that exceeds 10 people.   This allows ideas or questions to flow during a sessin, which get captured during the recording, links can be shared and participants can answer each other as a group.

Chat is located at the bottom right and is denoted by the bubble on the left.

Breakout Groups

The last tool in the Share Content section is Breakout Groups. This allows you to create sub-sessions for smaller groups to meet.

To create breakout groups in the main room:

  1. Select Breakout Groups.
  2. In the Breakout Groups window, you will see Group 1 and Group 2 automatically created. Select the plus icon below each group to add more groups, if needed.
  3. In the Assign Groups menu, you can randomly assign participants or assign participants to specific groups. (You can also do this by dragging the participant's name to a specific group.) You may also assign one or more participants in each breakout group to be a leader.
  4. As an instructor, you can have multiple breakout group windows open at the same time so you can go in and out of breakout groups.

Breakout Groups sessions cannot be recorded. So if you want to record them, you may want to create a separate online room session for each group.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Application Sharing Issue on Chromebook Devices

Some people have reported that when application sharing is used, a green screen is displayed on their Chromebook device when using Chrome 73, rather than the shared content. The most direct resolution is to upgrade to Chrome 74. Please review our Application Sharing appears as a green screen on some Chromebook devices article for further details and workarounds.