Falcon Account: Emeriti and Honored Retiree Technology Benefits

Following the designation of Emeriti or Honored Retiree, certain benefits are allowed. Technologies are listed among benefits in administrative policies such as AP-01-210 (Emeriti Status for Unclassified Staff (Faculty/Academic Staff)) and AP-01-205 (Honored Retiree Status for University Staff). The policies contain the official lists, but here is an unofficial,easier-to-find list (you are here, right?) of cool things currently available to you if you are an emerti or honored retiree:

  • The retention of your e-mail address at UWRF
  • The use of Microsoft Office 365 services such as email, Word, Excel, and OneDrive
  • Access to library journals and databases
  • Campus ID card, which allows you to
    • use the library
    • purchase sporting event tickets at reduced rates
    • use Knowles Center

Note: With great power comes great responsibility! With your Falcon Account, you'll need to change your password every so often and also go through data security training periodically.


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