Falcon Account: Conversion of Apple IDs set up with UWRF email addresses

Shortcut!  You can do these steps now: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202667

(Apple IDs are used for Apple services, such as iTunes, Apple Music, or the App Store for iOS or macOS.)

Technology Services is Integrating Apple IDs with Falcon Accounts

In the past, some people set up their own Apple ID account using a UWRF email address. These people will want to follow these steps to allow for a smooth transition.

Here is what is happening:

  1. Around March 22, 2021, Apple sends an email message to Mac users (employees, emeriti, honored retirees) that might have set up their own Apple IDs with a UWRF email address.
    • Steps on what to do are included in the email message.
  2. People that have set up their own Apple IDs with a UWRF email address have 60 days to create an Apple ID using a personal email address.
    • As part of the process, Apple migrates any purchases (apps, music, subscriptions, etc.) and iCloud data (files, photos, etc.) to the new personal Apple ID username.
    • When 60 days pass and this has not been done, Apple will generate a new, non-UWRF Apple ID automatically. This is not as pretty.

After the 60 days have ellapsed, you will be signing into the UWRF Apple ID account like you do with other UWRF things - more safely and with no additional passwords to remember! Like usual, you will want to have your UWRF items associated with your UWRF Apple ID and your personal items with your personal Apple ID. You can sort that out after the UWRF Apple IDs are ready to go - after the 60 days have passed.


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