Accounts and Passwords: Password Requirements for the housing portal (StarRez)

If you are having difficulty logging into the UWRF housing portal, it may be caused by an unsupported character in your password. The housing portal (StarRez) has more restrictive password requirements than our standard Falcon Account password requirements. For example, if you have a "$" in your password, it will work for all software you access with your Falcon Account credentials except the housing portal. If you need to access the housing portal with your Falcon Account, you will want to set up your password using the following requirements:

  • The following characters may appear anywhere in the password:
    • Lowercase characters: a-z
    • Uppercase characters: A-Z
    • Numerals: 0-9
    • Exclamation point: !
    • Open parenthesis: (
    • Close parenthesis: )
    • Grave accent: `
    • Tilde: ~
    • At sign: @
    • Underscore: _
  • The following characters are not supported as the first character of the password:
    • Dash:  -
    • Period:  .


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