TEC Technology Enhanced Classroom: During Pandemic

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January 2021 Update

  • Davee Library computer labs remain available.
  • Check with your instructor for specialty lab availability.

The following may help when teaching face-to-face, hybrid, or hyflex courses in technology enhanced classroom (TEC) spaces.

Using Classroom Technology - Session Recordings

Long Before Your First Class

  • Visit your room(s) before your first day of class. Get comfortable in the space.
  • Log into your university-issued computer.
    • There may be updates which can take a significant amount of time especially if you haven’t updated since last spring.
    • Ensure there is nothing is wrong with your password or Duo multi-factor.
  • It also might be a good time to change your password so you don't have to worry about that when the heat is on.
  • It also might be a good time to roll play a class with a couple volunteer facilitators to see how well it will go.

Prior to Entering the Classroom

  1. Ensure you have your face covering, laptop, charger, and additional peripheral devices (e.g., mouse, presentation clicker, and microphone/headset) you would like to use during class.
    • All university-owned laptop devices are equipped with basic web cameras, microphones, USB ports, and display outputs such as HDMI, Mini-DisplayPort/Thunderbolt, and/or USB-C.

Entering the Classroom

  1. Sanitize your working space including the instructor’s station, display input cables, and the instructor’s station controller using either supplies provided by your department or by Custodial Services.
Note: Do not spray cleaner onto technology equipment directly; spray onto the provided microfiber cloths then wipe.
  1. Set your laptop on the instructor’s station and plug into the appropriate display input connection. HDMI or Mini-DisplayPort/Thunderbolt are highly recommended as these connections can handle audio and video information with a single cable and allows you to use your headphone/microphone.
For a majority of classrooms, the following diagram shows where each button is located on the instructor station controller. The spaces this diagram would not apply to include most active learning classrooms, non-traditional classrooms being used for Fall 2020 instruction, and simplified classrooms.
  1. Select the "On" button from the instructor’s station controller
  2. Select the appropriate display input, typically "HDMI Laptop" or "Mac Laptop"
  3. If you have remote participants, open your video-conferencing application of choice.
    • Campus recommends Blackboard Collaborate for synchronous class content and Kaltura Mediaspace Capture for asynchronous class content. These apps are recommended as they integrate directly into Canvas. Here is help from the vendor if you need it:
  4. If you experience issues during your class, contact DoTS using the quick-dial option on the classroom phone.

Leaving the Classroom

  1. Unplug your equipment and power off the classroom technology using the "Off" button on the instructor station control.
  2. Sanitize any technology that was used or touched during your class.
  3. Make sure you take with you all your equipment and personal items that were brought into the classroom.


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