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Duo, Falcon Accounts, Employee On/Offboarding, etc.

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Your gateway to many UWRF technologies.

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Accounts and Passwords: Password Requirements for the housing portal (StarRez)

Falcon Account password requirements for accessing housing portal software (StarRez).

Accounts and Passwords: Software Access for Students

When you can access certain software used at UWRF.

Employee Offboarding: Technology Checklist

What employees should do with technology before exiting.

Falcon Dollars

Save money with Falcon Dollars!

Falcon Dollars: Refund Policy

How to request a Falcon Dollars refund.

InCommon Participant Operational Practices

Our practices regarding Falcon account management for our Shibboleth Identity Provider which is used for accessing some services.

Microsoft Office 365: I clicked a link in a phishing email

I think someone knows more about me than I want them to.

Microsoft Office 365: Invalid username or password

It could be a brute force attack against your account.

Password Self-Service: Changing and Maintaining Your Password

Maintaining your Falcon Account password.

Password Self-Service: Error messages

Help with error messages from Password Self-Service.

Password Self-Service: Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about Password Self-Service, including security guidelines.

Password Self-Service: Password Guidelines

Falcon Account Password Policy

Password Self-Service: Resetting a Forgotten Falcon Account Password

How to use the forgotten password options in Password Self-Service.

Password Self-Service: Updating your Challenge Questions

How to update your Password Self-Service challenge questions.

Password Self-Service: Updating your Profile

How to update your Falcon Account profile information with Password Self-Service.

Student Employee Accounts: Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to and instructions for student employee S accounts. namespace namespace description