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Duo, Falcon Accounts, Employee On/Offboarding, etc.

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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure your account.

Falcon Account

Your gateway to many UWRF technologies.


Secure your account.

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Accounts and Passwords: Software Access for Students

When you can access certain software used at UWRF.

Employee Offboarding: Technology Checklist

What employees should do with technology before exiting.

InCommon Participant Operational Practices

Our practices regarding Falcon account management for our Shibboleth Identity Provider which is used for accessing some services.

Microsoft Office 365: I clicked a link in a phishing email

I think someone knows more about me than I want them to.

Microsoft Office 365: Invalid username or password

It could be a brute force attack against your account.

Password Self-Service: Changing and Maintaining Your Password

Maintaining your Falcon Account password.

Password Self-Service: Error messages

Help with error messages from Password Self-Service.

Password Self-Service: Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about Password Self-Service, including security guidelines.

Password Self-Service: Password Guidelines

Falcon Account Password Policy

Password Self-Service: Resetting a Forgotten Falcon Account Password

How to use the forgotten password options in Password Self-Service.

Password Self-Service: Updating your Challenge Questions

How to update your Password Self-Service challenge questions.

Password Self-Service: Updating your Profile

How to update your Falcon Account profile information with Password Self-Service.

Student Employee Account Sponsorship Portal

Sponsor a student employee in order to get an S account.

Student Employee Accounts: Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to and instructions for student employee S accounts. namespace namespace description