MFDs are multi-functional devices, a.k.a. printers/copiers/scanners.

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Many links to information about campus printing, MFDs, and PaperCut.

Copying: Copying Documents

How to copy using Konica Minolta Multifunction Devices (MFDs).

Printing: "Error type: Device Lock" on the MFD Display

An MFD may display a message "Error: This device has an issue..."

Printing: Adding a university printer or MFD (Mac)

How to add a printer to the printer list on a Mac.

Printing: Adding a university printer or MFD (Windows)

How to map a printing device using directory services at UWRF.

Printing: I move my laptop between on and off campus and I can't print

Rebooting or restarting the PaperCut client might work. If not, contact DoTS.

Printing: ID card fails to log into MFD

The MFD beeps when tapping my ID card but does not log in.

Printing: Konica Minolta MFD C-0214 Error

It is caused by improper paper loading.

Printing: MFD Out of Toner; Replacement Has Not Arrived

Try another printer or possibly get toner more quickly from DoTS.

Printing: MFD Refresh 2023 FAQ

Frequently asked questions for the 2023 multi-functional device refresh project

Printing: My Print Job is in "Paused" Status

My print job is showing a status of "Paused" and won't print.

Printing: Orange "Print Error" Light

Not getting your print output? What is this orange light?

Printing: PaperCut

Advantages of PaperCut at UWRF.

Printing: PDF Documents Printing Small

First page of PDF document is printing very small.

Printing: PowerPoint and Web Print

How to use less paper (and save money) when printing a PowerPoint document.

Printing: Printer Locations

Go to one of these locations to release your print jobs.

Printing: Printing & Copying Rates

How much does it cost to print/copy?

Printing: Printing is taking a long time

How can I speed things up next time?

Printing: Releasing a PrintAnywhere Print Job

How to release print jobs on Konica Minolta Multifunction Devices (MFDs).

Printing: Requesting a Refund

How to request a refund.

Printing: Shared Accounting

Account items displayed when printing.

Printing: Student Print Allocation

$20 per term with options to add more.

Printing: Supply Ordering

Certain paper sizes and supplies are included in the MPS program.

Printing: Touchless Print Release

Touchless printing on select devices.

Printing: Unable to print a range of pages with Web Print

Convert that range of pages to a PDF document first.

Printing: Waste Toner Full

Replace the waste toner box.

Printing: Web portal does not upload documents

Clear your browser's cache and cookies.

Printing: Web Printing

Print from any device that has a web browser and internet access.

Scanning: Scanning Documents

Scan documents and send them to your UW-River Falls email address.