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Pinned Article Cisco IP Phone

Cisco internet phone system basics.

AT&T Basic Feature Phone & Hotspot: Activating

Activating AT&T services on a basic feature phone or hotspot.

Cell/Smart Phone and Hotspot: Options

Smartphone, Wi-Fi hotspots and basic cellphone options that can be purchased from the AT&T contract through DoTS.

Cisco IP Phone: 7925G Wi-Fi Cordless

The Cisco 7925G Wi-Fi cordless telephone user guide.

Cisco IP Phone: 8841 Desk/Wall Phone

User guide for the standard desk phone deployed across the UW-River Falls campus.

Cisco IP Phone: A Primer

Getting to know your Cisco IP Phone.

Cisco IP Phone: Ad-Hoc Conferencing

How to use the ad-hoc conferencing features of the Cisco IP phone.

Cisco IP Phone: Call Forwarding

Call forwarding on the Cisco Unified Communications system.

Cisco IP Phone: Caller ID

Caller identification (Caller ID) technologies: Inbound, Outbound, Number, Name and Spoofing

Cisco IP Phone: Can spam calls be blocked?

We cannot block these for you, but there is another option.

Cisco IP Phone: Conference Phone Locations

Locations of teleconferencing phones.

Cisco IP Phone: Dialing Patterns

How to call various places using Cisco IP phones.

Cisco IP Phone: Display is black

It could be that it should be -or- "power cycling" the phone is needed.

Cisco IP Phone: Dropped Transfer Call

Listen for a ring before hanging up.

Cisco IP Phone: Employee Turnover

Offboarding, onboarding and phones.

Cisco IP Phone: Extension Mobility

Extension mobility gives you the same look and feel no matter which phone you are currently using.

Cisco IP Phone: Finding the MAC Address, aka. Host Name

How to find the MAC address on a Cisco IP Phone.

Cisco IP Phone: Headset Recommendations (USB, Wired & Wireless)

Headsets recommended and supported by DoTS.

Cisco IP Phone: Hunt Group

Share inbound calls.

Cisco IP Phone: International Calling

General information on international calling.

Cisco IP Phone: Local calling areas

Local calling and associated costs.

Cisco IP Phone: Network Wiring Connections

How to make sure your Cisco IP phone and computer are connected correctly.

Cisco IP Phone: Problem Reporting Tool (PRT)

How to report a phone call issue.

Cisco IP Phone: Self Care Portal for Phone Services (Not Voicemail)

Manage common Cisco IP phone settings using the self-care portal on the web.

Cisco IP Phone: Speed Dial

Program your Cisco IP phone to call a number as soon as you press a button.

Cisco IP Phone: Unable to set up personal PIN

It was sent to you in an email.

Cisco IP Phone: Why doesn't my phone ring?

Solutions to get your ring back.

I need my cell phone voicemail PIN

This one can't be done without help from DoTS.

iPhone: Call Forwarding

How to call forward an AT&T iPhone to another number.

Mobile Phone: International Rates/Plans

AT&T mobile international rates and plan on cellular services.

Unified Communications: Chargebacks

How unified communications is funded which includes Cisco telephones, Webex, network jacks, etc.


Setup and care of your Unity voicemail mailbox.

Voicemail: Aging Times

How messages are deleted from the voice mail system.

Voicemail: Greeting Options

Quite a few greeting options that you can record and turn on/off.

Voicemail: Sample Scripts

I don't know what to say.