...and their operating systems.

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Computer/Tablet: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions about university computers.

Computer/Tablet: Hardware Specifications

Computer and tablet configuration standards.

Computer/Tablet: How old is my current computer?

How to tell the age of your computer.

Computer/Tablet: Preparing for a Replacement Computer

How to make things easier when getting your computer.

Computer/Tablet: Setting up an iPhone or iPad

Set up a university iOS device.

Equipment: Recycling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common questions about computer recycling, reselling, and refurbishing.

Equipment: Support at End of Life

What can be done with very old hardware and software.

Equipment: The Purchasing Process

Start with a DoTS technical consultation.

Office Move, Computer Replacement: Restricted Dates

DoTS can move your office most times of the year.

University Computer: BitLocker Error

Could be that the battery got too low.

University Computer: Files on Network Drives Not Available Off-Campus

Network shares may need to be woken up or re-mapped if off campus.

University Computer: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Various tidbits about campus-owned Windows computers.

University Computer: Windows Workstation Password out of Sync

Connect to the campus network and lock/unlock to synchronize the password.

University Mac: External Monitors Are Not Displaying

I updated my macOS and my external monitors are black.

Windows 10: Dual Monitor Display Not Working

Video drivers may need updating.

Windows 10: Updates

Windows 10 updates differently than previous versions.