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Pinned Article Falcon Account: Creating Your Password

You have the ability to set your own Falcon Account password from any campus-connected computer.

Pinned Article Falcon Account: How to Activate

Detailed instructions on activating a UWRF Falcon Account using Password Self-Service.

Pinned Article Falcon Account: When is access given or removed?

When do I lose access to technology resources after I leave UWRF?

Falcon Account: "Password is incorrect" error

I changed my password using VPN and can no longer log into my computer even though my new password allowed me to login before.

Falcon Account: Alumni Access to Online Library Database

You can still get access as a community patron.

Falcon Account: Cannot access UWRF services (page freezing, not loading)

DNS (Domain Name Services) settings are not correct.

Falcon Account: Cannot sign into

This site does not use Falcon Account credentials.

Falcon Account: Changing your password on a university owned computer while off campus

So you don't have to remember multiple Falcon Account passwords.

Falcon Account: I cannot log into the MyUW portal to access my timesheet

Your student employee paperwork might not be processed yet.

Falcon Account: Single Sign-On

SSO and how to bookmark SSO sites.

Falcon Account: Unable to Log In

Top reasons: expired password, locked account, no longer at UWRF.

Falcon Account: What is my ID number (username)?

I think I have it around here somewhere.

Guest Falcon Account: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about guest Falcon Accounts