Computer Replacement: When?


The Division of Technology Services (DoTS) is responsible for ordering all desktop computers, laptops, and tablets regardless of funding source.

UW-River Falls operates on the fiscal calendar: July 1 - June 30

  • Computer replacements for current faculty & staff are purchased during the fall term
  • Refurbished computers for limited-term employees, student employees, and adjunct faculty are completed during spring term

All computers have an established replacement plan

  • General Program Revenue (GPR) computers are funded by the university replacement fund and replaced every 3-4 years
  • Department funded, Program Revenue (PR), and grant-funded computers are replaced every 4-5 years and are the financial responsibility of the department

Available To

  • All permanent employees are provided a computer to use if deemed necessary by the supervisor of that department
  • Limited-term employees (LTEs), part-time, or temporary employees are provided a refurbished computer

Service Level Agreement

  • DoTS works with administration/assistants across campus to determine when people are eligible for a new computer.  This is done for the fall and spring term installations.


  • Administrators and assistants, you can find out when people are eligible for a new computer by selecting the Request Service button on this page


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